In which the monkey house eventually obtains a raspberry pi

They can be hard to buy (my blog) but i found i needed one for a controller and  it was cheaper than a closed source solution.  Being i had none of the components required like a brick to power it but could scrounge together a screen keyboard and mouse i also decided to buy a case for the damm thing

Tt is not the most modern pi since things are a bit delayed here and that is a subject for another day.

It was during a sale when i bought this and also got free postage, books and magazines i can obtain from the library for free.

An unnecessary purchase for most i also picked up a usb/ethernet hub which wont get great speed on the bus of the pi but allows the monkey house to multi hone it to separate networks at 10mbps which for a secondary dns server is pretty good. – another plus is i use it elsewhere and configure stuff with on used rfc1918 ranges with instead of having to change network settings.

I have enough spare usb slots to power the switch (my blog) via usb

So having the thing arrive one day i opened it up and had a go – once i had fixed keyboard and mice and a hdmi it booted after i had to figure out how to set the output as we normally use dvi we got a desktop and sound and video after figuring out where the fuck the microsd disk thing went – i wonder how many microsd cards go up a hover (my blog) never to be found again..

Not what i wanted it for but it is impressive bit of hardware powered by 5v usb..

The case seems simple to fix if enigmatic looks a bit of a hassle to put together.with apparently numbers on slices of plastic ,i also buoght a heat sink being it will be on 24/7 at some future point.

It needs a better os (with real passwords) , and i decided to get a bigger memory thing for it, the 16gb part that i got with it is good enough (not a sd card person either) but i will be able to use that in a phone or that’s the plan.

As it comes with java (my blog) and as i regard that as an security flaw i feel safer having a separate controller since oracle is not a trustworthy firm.

So having tested it and watched a video with sound i unplugged everything from the bare board and put it back in the box.

As to tinkering –  phat’s seems pricey and as i do not need flashing lights and will use it headless i cant comment on that.aspect i somehow see these small computers as revolutionary for £50 sterling* Microsoft oses costs make it a con but with linux wow.

I am sure it could handle a spreadsheet and be child’s pc’s

*probably did not need the brick since i might have a phone/satnav cable somewhere if you do not run 24×7 , since you also cannot buy gpus it makes a amd/intel pc seem extremely pricey.  while not an professional pc if your old pc has had it then this seems a good way to recycle a monitor,keyboard and mouse.

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