bitcoin buzz word tech retards

Bitcion or the blockchain will make you sound cool but not all of these people grok it take this beautiful item of bitcion buzzword retardness from the mail server i have to share.

Reject by IP --------------------------------
1 server.thebitcoinspromotions . com

So whats up with that ?


  1. Its rfc ignorant
  2. server ? err just the one ? clearly a huge startup
  3. Do they even have spf / dkim or anything else – for only the blockchain matters.
  4. Its not my job to determine shit peoples problems – i am glad the mail server is working as i asked it too
  5. sounds scammy
  6. spam ?

So here we have a bitcion ‘business’ who cannot even configure a domain let alone trust them using a blockchain.

I think that speaks volumes about them and the company they keep.  Talk about it being the perfect admission of retardness.

If you invest in bitcoin or businesses based on it beware the hype and that you might not get your money back, a failure to communicate and set up internet is probably a good indicator.

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