life on death row: the mass execution

Is a bbc online thing which will never see a broadcast after the bbc shut down this (my blog).  So much for bbc ‘promises’

As i have no reason to watch bbc tv but have seen previous episodes (my blog) i decided to watch it after i checked in six months of not watching bbc tv. which technically this still is not.

The series of four and a bit hours covers Arkansas use of its stock of drugs to execute eight people as they where going out of date and having been awaiting completion of sentences for decades some might say the death penalty did not really exist there as the legal system and politicians of both colours that unwilling to enforce law.

There are some interesting sub thoughts on branding and death row preachers.

Four where executed and regardless of your views it was compelling viewing that will never be seen on broadcast television because the bbc are dumb

5/5 bananas – i love the music.

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