Banks and idle (unbusy) computers

Yeah its the tempest

Following my recent issues with a bank (my blog) i read that the tsb bank is the latest to have computer problems  while they where not owned by Fred Godwin (my blog) there old owner decided that to have an idle computer was not a good idea*, the Godwin mantra of one pc should do it all is very prevalent in banks.

I kind of feel sorry for the it staff and the spanish who got saddled with this mess by old management.

Rather than blaming some botched procedure that something else did not like in the wild  its interesting that the people trying to sort out this mess mean well and the old management who might well have rbs employees left them this disaster.

I have argued before that banks are now computers and something that banks dont think they are but admit to liking closing branch networks.  It is a paradox is the bank a group of a few select bankers who each know each other or a single computer.

If British banking management is essentially staffed by one computer should run a large part of the economy as majority thought then its a good thing that tsb is now foreign owned.

*lets hope it never packs up for Lloyds bank