the bbc make another guilty by default

What does Cliff Richard and Jamie Acourt have in common ? apparently both where guilty in the eyes of the bbc.

I suspect the bbc  has an previous reason to not like Cliffs (my blog) new chum, and i have no idea if the allegation old or new is true    If you have a inquiring mind you might associate drugs with the first case mentioned which would make the unsolved case a a little less noble*if you think like the bbc but the bbc must be right as it was was with Cliff – alas that too was an allegation.

I see bbc diversity (my blog) also here for the bbc seem to have convicted this suspect twice something the legal process has yet to prove.

I do not live in south london but it seems like the wise bbc know better than the legal profession and the raciist police who obviously screwed up the bbc narrative  but hey the bbc is not really known these days for being unbiased.(my blog).

If the bbc wishes to have a make believe reality then it should be careful because if the facts fit then more legal costs will be incurred by them and they cease to become reporters but fiction writers.    Licence payers love paying for lawyers.

*criminals cannot use the law against each other since the crime was illegal logic