Linksys ‘open source’ routers still too pricey


Consumer grade routers suck one that did not but has an american bias (ethernet cables) was the old wrt54gl the monkey house still has ours – the replacement (my blog) was not open source on release [could be] and pricey and had the disadvantage that if you bricked it while figuring it out they refused to fix it.

So plenty of reasons to not to buy it.

ddwrt then imploded – more on that another time  and another project took over., and then another.  If was to do that i would seek advice being what i know has changed.

Being unwilling to buy the latter model with the disadvantages stated at the time even now which i saw the other day even with  a 40% discount and as  i now use another non consumer brand* and even with a 40% discount it is still cheaper than the linksys  and it would need a 70% price cut to be competitive with the monkey houses  brand.

Brand names are interesting – either the new owner eventually noticed that these items where not selling and  the guess the version of ddwrt was a bit of a game like pin the tail to the pony while blindfolded.

Non consumer grade network stuff is more modular and it seems that if your in the know then its an better option.  The old router was still half the price of the new ones price with the discount.

*the zoo’s internal lan