dkim gets an protocol update, but might be an chicken and egg problem in the making

are you shrek ?

Since i appear to be one of two people and half of a labrador dog who blog about opendkim (my blog) and dkim (my blog) here and have had signing of mail for way too long* i was surprised to read that dkim is getting a freshen up.

I have no problem with that but i wonder what will happen in the real world.  After all dkim does sound voodoo to most people and not on the radar of err stuff.


That is where the possible problems start – not with the better hashes but with companies like microsoft [microcrap] not supporting stuff there lies issues .  I am willing to experiment using the zoos mail servers since i can get some kind of software but it is not going to happen soon.

I will bet that google will support it provided there diversity hires (my blog) have heard of dkim, and know what a computer is as well. I guess there will be some interesting dmarc reports coming to the zoo’s dmarc inbox when i start.

Anyhow it kind of sounds fun to me and despite i occasional whiny rant i like what dkim is supposed to do most of the time and its not going to get dumped.  Not that i regularly say a lot about it.

*./compile, make, make install