Kalief Browder and the law

On netflix (imdb: tt6133034) is an interesting look at the american criminal law system (my blog) with evidence and leads not looked at and a non us victim he is the poster boy of wrongful arrest and perhaps a little too perfect for there was a lady on a southern bus before the famous one who was not deemed a decent citizen by african american’s.

Browder a middle class american* was certainly sold a shit american dream and with family squabbles over money and relationships makes the facts as poster boy for sjw’s a little weak its not that surprising that the middle class sjw’s latched on to one of there own rather than many non perfect examples..

With institutional failings at the forefront his choice to put up with abuse rather than plea gulty to something that he did not do is admirable although it seems no bail amount would have been accepted even if money was available and here both republicans and democrats are guilty of screwing americans in order to make prison profits over say industry jobs.

However majority populations by race will mean there will be more of x in prison than anybody else something these documentary producers seem to forget but statistics are meant to be bent to suit sjw’s..

I think Browder knew he was a better cause than human and came to that realisation during his experience and where the documentary starts interviewing the co producers of the series then that is where the thing starts to unravel

bomb russia

It is an damning examination of two party politics systems that people are told ‘works’ although as a non millionaire not donating to Hillary Clinton you can see where it got it him.

Browder’s time in the spotlight has raised the issues and got it attention which is a good thing although i am not sure the politicians like having there dogma challenged.

*not sure i bought the poverty issue.

by golly but...

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