a shopping adventure

I was asked to buy shoes once again (my blog) and it pays to be observant (my blog). There seemed to be a shoe shortage (my blog) once again and the shoes that where available cost 50% more.

Rather than going to a famous website instead i visited the site that supplied the original shoes and I did not pay 50% extra for the same item.

The moral is while you think online is cheaper if you go to a brand name website you may pay extra, Go to a less famous site then you may get a deal.

Google was no help either here in the correct area.   Sure they know what i was looking for specifically but bots seem to ignore some sites in favour of others.

None of this took a long time but i was fascinated that a shoe (the same model) could cost 50% more depending upon the website.

Another item i wanted to rectify a mistake i made* (my blog)  i also did not buy, once again a less famous website  saved money both on the item cost and postage.

I learnt something.

*more about it at a another time

by golly but...

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