Think of the wammin with warts

I never got past (my blog) the mid season point of star trek discovery, and i recently noticed a trailer of the new season was very ghostbusters* like (the one with the women in that did not make money)

I decided to write something needed a picture of  an all fat women cast, or the std women and got derailed.

i have warts

I tried to find a picture  of the three wammin** saving the universe while desperately trying to fix star trek  from jj Abrams but the above was funnier.

  • those seo results are a miss
  • std is a humorous name not even he (my blog) seemed to check it

After being amused i found one of the sisterhood being comrades

I guess i can associate star trek discovery with std, – well done the sisterhood i guess they also have warts.

I have no interest in the series since i have no idea what is going on or desire to so please do not think this is an endorsement of it.

*not seen  ** only women can do that

left wing bbc and rupert murdoch have wrecked journalism

evil james murdoch

Rupert Murdoch (including the offspring my blog) are not fit owners of the media having had some notable fails in  making the news (my blog).  While you may think news corp is a business its a family run business and the board have little power so do not think there innocent.

The left wing now (bbc) is screwing journalism with the bbc having a go at Cliff Richard, who is a marmite* person with ties to bible bashers and a curious history means he is divorce free or a true mgtow disciple.

Instead he went to the courts and spent millions on the principle  of the thing argument and here is the thing when both left and right wing journalists subvert the news to an agenda can any of it be trusted – even Edward Snowden is an unperson to both sides.

If you pay for the bbc  (via netflix or the ‘license’) then this has cost you at least £850,000.00 and also a police force a sum of £ 200,000.00 so the bbc may not learn the lesson as you are paying for a mistake – i guess more repeats are  due for the bbc.

A premise Media is fake news or decides to be judge jury and executioner then the reputation of it is gone as it is just not one side say the Murdoch tabloids and his friends (my blog).   Richard is perhaps the more dangerous as a precedent is set that the press did not think it would have to deal with and proves the rot is not just a few bad apples but most of it

*love it or hate it (my blog)

seaquest and the perception of zoo’s

did hollywood rape the dolphin ?

Was an innovative tv series set on on fictional submarine in the 1990”s version of the ‘future’ with a un bent (my  blog).

Series one which had an early desire to fact based  but it soon went fictional much to Bob Ballard’s* chagrin and to its detriment when he did something to camera that was ‘real’.

One member missing from series 1 to 2 was the tame talking dolphin and series 2 run out of money fast and started using land based sets to save money – seeing water was a plus point in series 2.

Season three starts bonkers and continues after losing it’s star in the captains seat.  Although it points out the hyperloop is still a very bad idea even back then.  I spend more time fast forwarding it than watching what i recorded

A lot of it does not work but its a popcorn watch. and despite being iffy and perhaps while an advert for seaworld (my blog) in series one and two it at least had a go at trying to expand horizons for a brief period.

Season three attempts to calm things down is not a success and it feels like it had a personality bypass from the futurist to ethereal and then mundane.

Series one is best despite some of the scripts liberties with fact.  Not wishing to be too condensing it sure sure beats british tv soap operas and hospital dramas made today   It might have also even allowed the nature types like Attenborough to leave the land and visit the sea in non fiction so despite its failures might have something going for it.

I am fascinated that shipping companies (my blog) have not invested** in submarines which appears to mean the military industrial complex sees no market for industry which is contrary to government thought that the special steel (my blog) used should be mass produced and these military people see steel makers as morons*** if truth be told.

Anyhow what do i know.

*first or second to find the titanic depending on who you believe.  ** drug dealers have *** how dare they not not make steel for a military project once every 25 years.


imdb: tt3691446 was on netflix (my blog) which details certain  events on 1914 in Sarajevo.  As non war history ape i found its presentation interesting and its indications as to who supplied the guns and money into something worth a watch.

By 1918 the world was minus one empire, and maps would be redrawn (my blog) so while others existed the time of royalty came to a crashing halt and by 1950 something new was deemed fashionable.

I am not sure that this was what the sponsors of assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand had in mind but once the band start the music we all have to listen and dance along to the tune.

It would appear that the 1992 + de-invention of yugoslavia was the end result.

5/5 bananas

Is hplip useless software now?

Cups got an upgrade on debian which removed all my printer config  in cups and hplip.   After an insurection by the professors here in the zoo i had to fix it pronto.

Hplip software (my blog) would not find a ppd file for an older printer and the newer ones also seemed to mia.   I used cups instead which could find the things.

The only thing i used hplip for was photo printing on weird sizes.

i decided to make and compile the madam maybe it still has a use ?

The 3.18.6 release needs pyqt5-dbus which is only available in debian testing when i write this.

I was unable to compile it.

I am not running a testing distro just for a printer server.

I managed to connect to the usb printers with the older hplip i had complied over a year ago after messing about in the settings.

Not sure why they disappeared in the first place.

Islam immigrants in europe and civility

Islam is a dark ages religion and what is concerning is that the civility of europe means it is losing to dark ages fanatics who seem to wish export dark age thinking.

I read that some jihad lovers have been caught in Iraq with tenuous ties to the the uk via kuwait, the death penalty has been apparently approved for these fine terrorists without uk legal interventions.

Let us hope that this change to pro death penalty stance in the uk stops here does not sour the rest of the west precedent wise for instance  Lindsay Sandiford (wikipedia). Who while probably is guilty shows one instance where the dark ages affects the more enlightened in europe – i am sure other example can be found should you seek them out.

The vile scum* in question are certainly not nice people or adverts for multiculturalism but show islams real face it is also an attack on liberal values and now a point to be  against islamic immigration to the west when homosexuality is deemed only 70% acceptable in London by muslims you kind of get the point about these peace loving faith followers.

*a pop band from the the 1960’s

mta-sts fun

If your a cave dweller who has no idea what mta-sts is then do not bother reading further, your need dnssec (my blog) dane, (my blog)  tls, email servers (my blog) and other stuff even to start considering this.

Still here ? then your need an extra website per domain name, even more tls and a few dns entries since why not.

If anybody ever uses it well done since even google do not have some of the requirements i listed. and you begin by reading ietf documents mta-sts and tls-rpt, sigh a lot and start doing things.

it uses a website and dns txt records which while not hard is a bit convoluted. I will need at least one cron job to manage mta-sts and when i need to make new tlsa hashes

Essentially it serves one file that gets a mail server past the does it have tls support and is trustable question. Mta-sts is part of something and not a do something and it is ready.

The first zoo domain was pretty hard, mostly due to our website software being dumb, the remianing three where way too easy i think thirty minutes per site [including getting a tls cert] once you know what your doing is needed.

Essentially this encapsulates it

Although curl or wget will be used and interpreted before a logic statement gives the mail server a yay or nay.

It will be interesting to see if anybody bothers with mta-sts   The dns bit is not hard bit i imagine the use of dns/webserver and tls will make the solution quite tricky for some especially if you have to involve three or four people.

Hosting companies might have issues with mta-sts so your looking probably at real server not some shared vm.

Since mta-sts is new my config of the tls is good (a+) but is not suitable for windows 95 browsers/pc’s so do not expect the aged to do this stuff.

My cron job  does this for each domain name

  1. gets a tlsa string and saves it to a file
  2. it compares the old string to the current string and says so if required
  3. move the new string to the old string for the next time
  4. print the tls expiry on the cert

So it needs some human to  act on the results, i dont automate it all as why i could i also have to sign the dnssec with the changes.   What happens when mta-sts is invalid is something i have yet to discover.

As it is new i might just experiment with it.

When i wrote this it appears that i am valid for mta-sts to delete it i would

  • delete webserver confs
  • delete specific a records in dns
  • remove txt dns records

So while not that hard, its multidisciplinary.

unwillingly returning to bluetooth

it was cheap and after this (my blog) i wondered how goes ‘wireless’ things as my stereo wired thingy was starting to play up along with the wired network port on the client pc i use.

So i decided to try bluetooth once more despite my reservations.

Figuring it out was not too hard i needed some audio bluetooth packages from debian and eventually mated the adaptor.   Overall once fully charged the things do work if a bit tinny compared to the wired headphones.

It is quite nice to be down a tree, and still get a signal although bluetooth has a range limitation it seems to work well enough.  The cost of bluetooth is still too costly imho and wired still has the advantage recenty proven by a number of firms  opting for usb over bluetooth for ‘virtual reality’ which is always virtually real soon now* as a product

I can see that Bluetooth won’t be in airplane in flight entertainment systems anytime soon.

Steam (the games thing my blog)) does not like it without a lot of tweaking

As a first look it will do despite its limitations as mentioned, i will have to see if they last.

*for the last thirty years

amavisd-new and weird behaviour

Amavis (my blog) every bodies favourite mishmash of Frankenstein perl went really wrong after a prior kernel upgrade.  Having changed it earlier and it worked t then said.

(!)_DIE: Suicide () TROUBLE in pre_loop_hook: IPv6 address [ARRAY(0x2445f94)] contains fewer than 8 fields

I guess i had a rogue process that did not shutdown.

Problem i dont have ipv6 except for ::1 {localhost) so far-  i think with some dkim modules (my blog) iit caused a few problems, but clearing those still left amavis not happy so i deleted it and re setup amavisd-new

I used most of our config values config wise and it now works again. I have no idea why the process worked prior to the reboot but not after.

Not fun.

After that rebuild i then got this new status


‘Open relay’ is not an email server like open relay as amavis lives on localhost but a unlisted domain in the config, logic says it was relayed and as not specified open to relay so i cannot fault the logic.

Which to fix i used

@local_domains_maps = ([qw( .localhost .zoo .zoo1 .zoo2 .zoo4* )]);

Instead of @whitelist_sender_acl which once worked but in my config stopped and tried to do ipv6 as a consequence.  I dont have whilelist_sender_acl in the new config

Amavis is a troublesome bitch recently

*domain names