Amesbury and chemical weapons

Amesbury fashion at the moment

It is interesting to note that chemical weapons (my blog) once claimed as safe and one use only has caused a second problem instead of killing a russian spy nearby it has now gone for some neer do wells somehow.

I am not sure the russian military would be that incompetent (my blog) after all things like that can be traced but it reveals that perhaps these compounds are best not kept by anybody

Politicians might need an villain and insist upon creating them but i do wonder perhaps instead of blaming men in uniforms we instead blame the politicians for there fear of dissent for after all no politician ever is wrong.

It dismisses the states message that one dose of x makes war cleaner* and ready for peace.  The medical effects on the unhealthy interesting  even after the supposed clean up**  but the economic loss to the affected area is something else to think on.

You might argue that chemical weapons have become a bit useless for the design does not appear to do what the thing is supposed to do.   There might be resistance to that from the politician class.

Somebody released it and i bet they knew some politicians.

*gencide now available  in a can from johnson & johnson a family company **these weapons do not usually see use.

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