unwillingly returning to bluetooth

it was cheap and after this (my blog) i wondered how goes ‘wireless’ things as my stereo wired thingy was starting to play up along with the wired network port on the client pc i use.

So i decided to try bluetooth once more despite my reservations.

Figuring it out was not too hard i needed some audio bluetooth packages from debian and eventually mated the adaptor.   Overall once fully charged the things do work if a bit tinny compared to the wired headphones.

It is quite nice to be down a tree, and still get a signal although bluetooth has a range limitation it seems to work well enough.  The cost of bluetooth is still too costly imho and wired still has the advantage recenty proven by a number of firms  opting for usb over bluetooth for ‘virtual reality’ which is always virtually real soon now* as a product

I can see that Bluetooth won’t be in airplane in flight entertainment systems anytime soon.

Steam (the games thing my blog)) does not like it without a lot of tweaking

As a first look it will do despite its limitations as mentioned, i will have to see if they last.

*for the last thirty years

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