Is hplip useless software now?

Cups got an upgrade on debian which removed all my printer config  in cups and hplip.   After an insurection by the professors here in the zoo i had to fix it pronto.

Hplip software (my blog) would not find a ppd file for an older printer and the newer ones also seemed to mia.   I used cups instead which could find the things.

The only thing i used hplip for was photo printing on weird sizes.

i decided to make and compile the madam maybe it still has a use ?

The 3.18.6 release needs pyqt5-dbus which is only available in debian testing when i write this.

I was unable to compile it.

I am not running a testing distro just for a printer server.

I managed to connect to the usb printers with the older hplip i had complied over a year ago after messing about in the settings.

Not sure why they disappeared in the first place.