seaquest and the perception of zoo’s

did hollywood rape the dolphin ?

Was an innovative tv series set on on fictional submarine in the 1990”s version of the ‘future’ with a un bent (my  blog).

Series one which had an early desire to fact based  but it soon went fictional much to Bob Ballard’s* chagrin and to its detriment when he did something to camera that was ‘real’.

One member missing from series 1 to 2 was the tame talking dolphin and series 2 run out of money fast and started using land based sets to save money – seeing water was a plus point in series 2.

Season three starts bonkers and continues after losing it’s star in the captains seat.  Although it points out the hyperloop is still a very bad idea even back then.  I spend more time fast forwarding it than watching what i recorded

A lot of it does not work but its a popcorn watch. and despite being iffy and perhaps while an advert for seaworld (my blog) in series one and two it at least had a go at trying to expand horizons for a brief period.

Season three attempts to calm things down is not a success and it feels like it had a personality bypass from the futurist to ethereal and then mundane.

Series one is best despite some of the scripts liberties with fact.  Not wishing to be too condensing it sure sure beats british tv soap operas and hospital dramas made today   It might have also even allowed the nature types like Attenborough to leave the land and visit the sea in non fiction so despite its failures might have something going for it.

I am fascinated that shipping companies (my blog) have not invested** in submarines which appears to mean the military industrial complex sees no market for industry which is contrary to government thought that the special steel (my blog) used should be mass produced and these military people see steel makers as morons*** if truth be told.

Anyhow what do i know.

*first or second to find the titanic depending on who you believe.  ** drug dealers have *** how dare they not not make steel for a military project once every 25 years.