left wing bbc and rupert murdoch have wrecked journalism

evil james murdoch

Rupert Murdoch (including the offspring my blog) are not fit owners of the media having had some notable fails in  making the news (my blog).  While you may think news corp is a business its a family run business and the board have little power so do not think there innocent.

The left wing now (bbc) is screwing journalism with the bbc having a go at Cliff Richard, who is a marmite* person with ties to bible bashers and a curious history means he is divorce free or a true mgtow disciple.

Instead he went to the courts and spent millions on the principle  of the thing argument and here is the thing when both left and right wing journalists subvert the news to an agenda can any of it be trusted – even Edward Snowden is an unperson to both sides.

If you pay for the bbc  (via netflix or the ‘license’) then this has cost you at least £850,000.00 and also a police force a sum of £ 200,000.00 so the bbc may not learn the lesson as you are paying for a mistake – i guess more repeats are  due for the bbc.

A premise Media is fake news or decides to be judge jury and executioner then the reputation of it is gone as it is just not one side say the Murdoch tabloids and his friends (my blog).   Richard is perhaps the more dangerous as a precedent is set that the press did not think it would have to deal with and proves the rot is not just a few bad apples but most of it

*love it or hate it (my blog)