bbc pro copyright (free for them) but odd fud

The bbc is still pro licence fee and copyright – in fact any descendants of hitler can probably claim the copyright royalties from the 1939-45 war of who George Orwell even wrote about the bbc collecting statistics of use just in case.

Rupert Murdoch (my blog) who is a copyright abuser is a strange bed fellow for the bbc to be working for with fake products as it looked like a third china shift was making ‘counterfeit’ products from the same factory as where murdoch buys them..

I am sure Murdochs purchasing of stuff here is also at fault but when the bbc and murdoch fud together then you cannot trust them on any copyright law.

Quite why the bbc  gets free copyright but nobody else can claim it shows another side where the issue is clouded by who owns that twitter/facebook image or words so the bbc is being unethical mind you with the eu also attempting the taxing url links (not here) and the bbc friends with them it seems unethical is the way to go

Shady and crooked seems a good description.