game loot boxes

I do not play any computer games with loot boxes this war of mine is the closest (my blog) i got but horribly broken due to crap dlc which you can think of as a loot box.

No dlc purchased then things do not work it is a horrid experience with adverts.

As a natonstates (my blog) player they occasionally do themed activities and such things for a short period.   If you could pay to get better then i would quit it.

If a computer game is no more than a timer, or unlimited money to win then the triple aaa publishers might as well give it away.  Would you want to buy (or have to) dlc in order to play, or find that a title you liked is not playable because all the online servers have been decommissioned from  a year ago.

As a linux user – that’s unlikely to happen but this experiment in ‘loot boxes’ let me see what you windows users and xbox users endure.  No thanks.