The monkey houses new barbecue.

The alpha ape decided our bbq (my blog) was not in a good condition,, as it used three days a week for six months  even in the rain it is an item that is used rather than a once a year object.

In the winter it is stored and protected by plastic inside as well as outside so the metal does corrode to much.

It is also a bit of a frankenstein contraption with older bbq’s racks and thermometers and covers so its older than it looks.

I tried to order one but that was not in stock on line a tale for another time, so we went shopping for one which was cheaper.

It is a large unit  but not difficult to install since it had most of the internals assembled already and was a case of building a frame and attaching the frame to the unit.   As non expert installs it went well and in two and bit hours*  we had  a new and working bbq.   It is nice to cook this way in the summer (my blog)