A better dr who – Outlander (series2)

skirts and dresses for all

First mentioned here (my blog) and eventually returned to free tv even though the lottery part paid for it and was on pay tv which raises more questions than answers.

It has a certain style to it and well worth a see the paris setting is certainly liberating of television taboos something the first was unafraid of as well.

The music impresses me (my blog) contrast with the bbc hiring everybody without talent because of there skin colour or sexual orientation  for reasons of diversity

Yes time travel does not need a man, but it needs to be done well and be structurally strong in plot rather than two lesbians and an old man walk in to a pub*.  I would argue that outlander exceeds many of the few sjw’s demands of inclusion.

I think outlander deserves a bigger audience and as sjw’s do not engage with products they target  then the sex,costumes and dialogue are well worth it.  A children’s version is timeless (my blog).

I think the bbc have made a terrible mistake by doing what the others have already done and so it will lose it’s identity due to bbc politics.  I do not care about but since it is genre a most detested species in the bbc it will be interesting to see if saudi arabia buys it and continues to kept being made,  for imagine the money saved that if dr who was cancelled could make a made for tv classic book adaption and that has happened before.

Outlander i rate 5/5 bananas

*could be a joke

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