Taiwanese netflix

First time for this and i did have problems determining whether it was chinese (my blog) or not at first being  in Mardarin and even though i know taiwan makes tv it so far was not say great teacher something which is something that never appealed to me.

Since china does not do fantasy,horror or science fiction being communist* i think i have got a handle on who makes what in the language now rather than guess.   Other east asian drama is different and there are good examples to be found although there is some  rubbish a view that all a countries tv output is amazing is one that can be disproved.

That brings me to

on children

imdb: tt8507402 is a creepy distopia that even i found believable once i got my country right since china would not make this it is well worth a see .

A poor example to compare it to is black mirror as on children is way better with extricating five minute scenes, suicide and animal cruelty it is worth the time. Expect pushy mothers as well.   These run to an hour and twenty minutes as is the way with asian dramas so put aside six hours.

5/5 bananas.

I think Taiwan has some interesting ideas and i will look to see more mardarin language content.

*console games where banned and also are required to be localised (not getting through the great wall) and probably will not have supernatural things in them either

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