the missing motorola c115

really uncool in 2018

Professor had his phone stolen a motorola c115 it does do texts and phone calls but even in 2018 (its about twenty years old) was a phone still deemed worth stealing.

Us apes got his phone call only sim suspended* and as the phone is registered to one of those theft registrars it will be interesting to see how honest the people who run resale sites/shops and parts deactivation for mobile phones really are here.

I somehow doubt anybody will return in in the phone industry as the phone has a value of about £1 and there is a conflict of interest in returning it.

My next task is to find a cheap mobile phone bought outright, and get a new sim card for professor.. I would not buy apple shares on my account.

It will be an android phone and cheap so at least it can be tracked.   However I would rather not be doing this.

I guess the phone might end up in another continent where things like the theft registrar do not mean a lot

*pretty useless for a smartphone