Exit Afghanistan (or lets blame norway today even though they left)

imdb tt3218890 from 2013 is a documentary about handing back (my blog) Afghanistan to its ‘tolerant’ locals*

It features the Norwegians leaving some place i have never heard of or never wish to visit it and the handover to ‘crack’ trained Afghan troops.

Step one by afgans was to whine about the norwiegian base, and the supplies they left [continued below], step two was to audit the stuff as it seems to indicate that what was left was being sold to the taliban by the soldiers from afganistan.

The afgan troops then did not do what norway did when there  – patrol and they stayed in the nice base they criticised and did not protect the locals while the taliban blew up locals for visiting the mosque.  At least the soldiers where safe.

The Norwegians where also blamed for the loss of employment in the town – so the argument that afganistan is best left to afgans seems wrong as they could not run a sweet shop or provide employment.

It seems the Afgans cannot take responsibility and blame everybody but themselves however there all grade a* muslims . – quite how stealing what the norway army supplies left for  afgans to continue  is Norways fault is an open question and sure they must be guilty of that too.

So since afgans dont need help why should anybody help them after all its a paradise for bomb makers.

The level of irony is amazing 5/5 bananas.

Well i learned something.

*not really