Japanese stuff

So having done these before lets get updated

Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World is on crunchyroll and a sjw journalists top pick of the year  – well drawn and inoffensive.  It has  been a while since i spent any time on crunchy roll when they went full sjw pink hair and overweight cause its the thing not japanese anime..

Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi my blog) was a manga, anime and now a live action adaption on netflix..Having seen the anime it looks good but since i know what happens is not something i am sure i want see despite the high quality i watched in the first episode.

Its still a good story like some japanese things the first time is the best a second viewing reminds you how good some of this is and if emotional* it is not something i would want to see again.

I highly recommend erased regardless of what one you watch and if you can see both good luck to you i regard the anime more for its drawing.

Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan

is on netflix (my blog) and rather fun. Do not expect coherence as to why but characters gel together and it’s a charming way to spend an evening.

5/5 bananas

Forest of Piano is also a notable mention with its whore house,and cross dressing and classical piano and a bit like your lie in april (my blog) hell i normally hate piano music.

Part 2 arrives in January 2019 on netflix, my eyeballs will be ready.

The performances are interesting anime wise compared with your lie in april, with drawn and perhaps computer cgi models.  The drawn is best, the cgi feels better performance wise and almost perhaps roto-scoped (my blog).

I binged this one sunday afternoon instead of entertaining single parents and kids here in the zoo that is apes for you.

5/5 bananas.

Violet Evergarden is also a well worth see an omission on my part but is amazing for its story, and construction if you hate anime i somehow doubt you could not regard this as special.

5/5 bananas


Is a gambling (my blog) anime and live action thing there is a lot of lucky probability here.  I prefer the anime.

3/5 bananas

A lot of anime stuff is something i cannot access easily** so while you think i might like something it is hard for me to see.

*there are some real tear jerkers. out there.. **flash encoded (crashing)  missing subs etc