why we get the wrong politicians, Isabel Hardman

isbn: 9781782399735 is a book with a author with a humorous name.  Isabell being a muppet means guilt by association.

As part of the Westminster bubble this is not an honest expose like Orwell did indicating who he thought what parliament members where russia friendly in the 1940’s.

It is sympathetic to would be politicians and tolerant to parties who do not offer much support so any criticism is muted from the author after all access to these people is a journalists goal, not holding these people to account. .  Most of the hard research does not come from her.

Centralisation is a problem for political parties for instance do you vote for may, (my blog) or the person standing locally who the author never covers in the mainstream media (my blog).  I do not like May, but Corbyn  is also a marmite (my blog) like figure.   This is where the media is flawed.

Snap elections also do not help her feelings come in the way as no politician is deemed a bad one, and no woman is a bad mp although  May’s  ‘(my blog) micro managing will be deemed bad that seemed a very hard admission from an author that a woman does not trust anybody.

It is hard to like this book or the people neutered impotent by power who still vote in idiotic law (my blog).

1/5 bananas.


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