Moaning retailers on the high street…. sounds familiar

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Over the weekend the moaning retailers (my blog) where complaining once more here about lack of business.

Professors significant other also told us a story about the high street here  it entailed posting Christmas items  and the second class postage stamp shortage (my blog) is back that has to be coincidental.   Quite how the royal mail runs out of second class stamps is left to your imagination – i mean how dare people post stuff.   Thus the customer is wrong.

She just about managed to do that, but ran out of time for other shopping as the car park time was up,   So no money was spent or you get a nice £40 penalty charge fine* to pay..

And these retailers still complain about lack of business,  Err if i and she can see it why cannot retailers ?

Are they idiots ?

*value added bonus for shopping.

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