The mary portas problem personified

A pair of very old winter boots started clowning around (my blog) recently and having asked how much to fix them and being given a forget it price I had to go shopping .

Instead of visiting a high street (incurring fares or parking fines [both my blog])  i remained in the monkey house and went shoe shopping. I came close to nearly buying on one site but could not remember if i had an account with them.   They where evasive on the issue and i thought i could do better.

Wanting a smart pair of boots i went elsewhere and they where 50% cheaper than the quoted repair of the old boots – they did  also need new bottoms anyhow and where twenty years old something nobody was able to do  in the past apparently not until now.

Being unwearable they where recycled and within two days the new shoes where picked and delivered when most shops would have been closed.

I cannot fault it  there being

‘no we dont have your size’,

or any other excuse. Sure it is that time of year to buy this kind of stuff its not Antarctic coat buying in mid summer

They fit too.

I wonder how the queen of charity shops (my blog) would perceive this.  Money is money.

Er but thats not blacklisting Vodaphone

I saw this genius entry the other day – not on an email port. (

Well if you say so but its not BLOCKLISTING

So dont accept email from vodaphone is the message of the day –  i think we should  all respect the message and block all email from new zealand.

ip route add prohibit

I got my mallet out (my blog) have you ?  Lets make the dream come true.

.pw registry really is run by retards

Oh god help us and everybody else who tries to contact them (my blog)

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is
not accepted due to 550-5.7.1 domain’s DMARC policy. Please contact the
administrator of 550-5.7.1 x domain if this was a legitimate
mail. Please visit 550-5.7.1 …

They try and spoof email from yourself.  No joy there but wtf.

I reported a fraudster on .pw to them clearly these people are mentally retarded and should not be running even a website.


a lovely way to burn,Louise Welsh

isbn: 9781848546530 is a book series and the first book which is this is published in 2014 rather than the last. This was a library find after an article in a newspaper on the last.

It did not hold my interest and is more thriller than dystopia with action scenes and the usual statistic genius everybody knows via a friend makes an appearance.  The woman main character seems strangely in charge despite having a tenuous connection to the event.  Although i think the author did not understand a book like this (my blog) or it got rejected for being boring

I won’t be reading any more of the author.

Netflix support is awful

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

ipv6 (my blog) is the thing that will ‘save the world’ so long as netflix (my blog) does not use it.  Imagine your televisions gets an update to use ipv6 (my blog) but netflix then decides the ipv6 in use is bad.   Yep no netliix streaming for you.

I doubt you can downgrade to something that works on such a device (not a pc).

The level 1 person i had was an idiot (almost gleeful with the reply) so much so i cancelled the subscription on the spot.   If these geniuses continue to think  the way they do then ipv6 is not a replacement for the consumer.

I might be experimenting with ipv6 and not be an genius on it but suppose i had no idea except that the tv can do netflix and then it could not.  A phone company would say its not there fault, but a problem for the streamer to fix, the subscriber is stuck in the  middle.

While my ipv6 range might have been deemed bad for netflix everybody else seemed to accept the traffic.

Something else the ipv6 evangelists fail to mention.

Preachy Davos

We apes here in the zoo are not davos delegates but listening to baldy and twenty six trips to the Antarctic veteran makes it sound like a dogma opposed to people with a sense of time (my blog).

While the left wing media probably think this good think despite them being toxic white males  it probably indicates that unless your an a lister Davos probably is not worth the time.

While being green is good, instead of offering solutions it comes across as i know best and who cares how to fix it.

Back to the zimbabwe ‘problem’

There back at it these paragons of democracy (my blog) with no internet,(my blog) still lots of gucci handbags (my blog).  Got to admire a zoo guest with a posh handbag is a talking point for us apes or there goes an dictator/president for life.

‘Mind you being owned by china (my blog) does not help.    Anyhow i suppose it is nice not to have to worry about crooks using the internet there.  Problem ? probably not.

gucci grace

Since zimbabwe is a 26 word score in scrabble  add your high scoring corruption words in the comments.

The Mugabe’s i bet would  insist upon it if they could email .. Oh well.

Do you have a favourite Gucci handbag if so why not tell us about it since grace Mugabe is out of contact.

Perhaps when they turn the internet back on they can invent the advance handbag scam, after all why should Nigeria have all the fun ?

If you want to solve the ‘problem’ Bob Parsons (my blog) is your man and china surely will help their friends in Zimbabwe.