venereal disease tv, hollywood and amazon

Syfiy (my blog) was a channel more dedicated to wrestling than science fiction which i have never bought. There decision making processes are batshit insane and seem to have many shows that have left it as nobody watches the channel.

I saw the expanse (my blog) on netflix and another and when they do back a winner they soon cancel it for reasons like wrestling (my blog) is better.   After all men hugging each other is good.

So the expanse came off ‘televison’ and i was surprised to discover the expanse series 3 is not on any streaming platform until november.

I decided not to try amazon prime for that reason. Instead i found the books and wil ask the library to get them.

So hollywood hates cable tv, (my blog)  and both hate amazon \ netflix it’s not a problem here except for there bank balances.

The good news is i have books to read, and blog posts to make, the downside for people who love men hugging and hollywood is there problem.