amazon prime video

skirts and dresses for all

In this i got it deceptively (my blog) and decided to take a look .


  • non sjw s/f (my blog)- expanse (my blog)  – i am reading the books not an instant see but worth noting.
  • outlander (my blog) is something i will watch on free tv so ignored even if dangled with season 4 means a bit of a catch up – season three looks good.
  • mr robot – bit like the day job at times  – meh i would rather not critique it.
  • Lucifer (imdb tt4052886)  is interesting as broken families and mortals mix together. Season 2 is lacking in effects but devilishly fun i watched it.  Also it is notable for hollywood stealing Neil  Gaiman’s (my blog) work although i think another book of his (see below) and passing it off as free intellectual; property – so if you thought tv and film industries respect copyright think again.
  • american gods (my blog and already mentioned in lucifer) is artistic and a bit more sjw than i thought it was [its been a while since i read it[]  A lot slower than the book and much delayed by legal issues   Reminded me of true blood. I still admire Ian Mc Shane (my blog).  As i know the end it is a less desired see.
  • As a philip k dick (my blog) book reader – i suppose i could  mention the man in the high castle which won a gong sometime in the 1960’s.   Looks well done if perhaps slow compared with the book.

Aspects not liked.

  • subscription plus model for films – cheaper if you plan ahead and not go for laziness.
  • the interface on the television (adverts)
  • moving between tv and pc information is inconsistent.
  • keeps crashing firefox
  • gigabytes of data for video.

Original wise Jeremy Clarkson’s grand tour was fun  and has a high production value.   Anybody else who makes car things is so screwed the bbc apparently fired 1000 people after they lost this so sjw values dont pay…

So no it is not as good as netflix at the present time  Outlander is much nicer without adverts (i can record it on tv),  the expanse has issues being the people who made it took liberties with the books so that is also a non starter.

Films  amazon seem willing to pay more, or split the money made as an extra purchase.   Those will be covered separately.

No i will not subscribe to prime.  But as a freebie it could be considered  in the future.  The free delivery aspect is null as i have not bought anything else from amazon economics wise.

zero k,Don Delillo

isbn: 9781509822850 was something i looked up years ago found it was not available in my library but amazon remembered it,* so i looked for it in the library and they had it.

Eventually being not local it arrived and it rather bored me being a clone of Ubik a book by Phillip K Dick.   But snobby book journalists can be excused about knowing about genre after all if Margaret Attwood can be ignored for years until a real ‘literary’ book.

Then its not just me.

No banana rating.

*amazon do the lookups in the library.

router reorganisation in the zoo


The zoo has ‘optimised ‘ (my blog) its routers and reduced it power bill as well and got a backup router out of it.

While it might sound boring and a bit  incompetent the routers are supportive of 1gb speeds so i doubt that i will need to go shopping soon and support ipv6 and better interfaces.

I had planned on two routers retaining our  twenty year isolated networks schema and did need another to upgrade our lan and hosting to support new features but ipv6 put a number of barriers in the path.   One does the job just fine. There certainly not anywhere near cisco prices either.

So with a backup i can flash a router and be up an running in an hour assuming the worst – rather than dig  out old routers lacking in two technology standards.

While it might have been wiser to not have got a newer router the zoo has learned a lot, kept it’s internet up and so i cannot find too much fault in how it was implemented.

Not quite how i expected it to go be but having a hot swap was an unexpected bonus which saves a number of upgrades in five years.   It works.

smart ethernet switches


Seem to have come down in price but only support ipv4 management wise.

So they have faults (or the cheap ones do) compared to the really expensive ones which i see no point in purchasing after all network standards matter not the name of the brand

Nice to have per connection diagnostics when you need it.  Unnecessary for the average person.

I can experiment with vlans now.

Paedophile crowd funders

Michael Jackon bubbles monkey rapist

While reading the daily rwandian i read that a man who changed his name to Michael Jackson (my blog) now wants his non paedophile name back.   I must admit i laughed at John Lomas who perhaps should have taken the hint a few years ago my blog) but did not.

Perhaps thats a career that going nowhere fast and not the result of automation.

Oh well perhaps sanity has set in. I must admit hiring a wacko jacko performer has not been a priority here in the monkey house for at least two decades.

ipv6 gah or isp ipv6 is horrible

I requested ipv6 for the monkey house, that was simple getting it work well i made mountain out of a molehill.

My trouble began when i had neighbourhood prefix and pd prefix both different

  • 20xx::xxxx:/64
  • 20xx::yyyy:etc/48

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

The x address is the public interface and the y address is the lan assignment secret decoder rings help here and ipv6 existed and then disappeared.

I restarted many times, Fortunately ipv4 remained working. although ipv6 config is an voodoo art.  As i needed new routers not many of you will even be able to get ipv6 with new routers.

Eventually i got something to work which remained up, ipv6 is slow bonding from the isp’s infrastructure, so while ipv4 is up within seconds  pv6 takes a couple of minutes to connect and it say unable to connect to google if you try to ping it from anywhere during this stage

I had a problem with an ipv4 router  which means internally the monkey houses office lan still cant get ipv6. but our mail hosts in the zoo do.

So eventually i win part of the war.

Ipv6 on the local lan comes with issues i cannot seem to do::1/631, yes for printers nameservers can also end up not memorable eg* instead 2xxx::xxxx:yyyy:2: aaaa:bbb:cccc:dddd.

I can not remember that.

Ipv6 has some merit and when ipv4 does exhaust its supply it will need help becoming the protocol after all who still uses spx  protocol.  Yes it has autoconfig but that assumes you do not run a network.

So its not a replacement for ipv4 and rfc1918 ranges.

*free banana skin if know where this goes or does – collect from the zoo.

Fatima Ardern and weird new zealand.

Jacinda Ardern (Fatima) and new zealand has few problems.

Kim dotcom (my blog) means new zealand has no backbone and it seems veers from being a stooge for america and and now pro saudi arabia.

I do wonder if Shamima Begum (my blog) will find safety there, after al you could argue that the pro censorship and pro islam policies means its probably a really safe place for deash (my blog) believers.

If your not a muslim and living* in new zealand good luck,  better throw away those razors now and ladies should go buy burkhas after all Fatima is.

*homosexuals get thrown off two storey buildings.

another look at Caprica, a parable of now?



Caprica (my blog) was the bastard offspring of battlestar galactica and did not fare well despite the branding of successful bsg a suggestion of the vd channel (my blog) rather than a look a robots which Humans did a lot better ten or so years later*.

Caprica was a thing that pushed boundaries mormon marriages (and i assume retarded kids as well my blog), religous terrorists, gay mafia types, lots of soap like content and hints of the beginning of bsg which to be honest who cares about that.

It reminds me of now in the news, not a show about robots.  Battlestar is pretty much perfect but caprica missed most of the time.

*time to stop rescheduling this post

Just left wing race baiting journalist click bait nothing serious.

While doing this (my blog) i checked some sjw site and came across this click bait.

I screen capped it and hope it can prove to you that the mainstream media is not worth paying for (my blog).

In context it is dealing with this source (my blog). I did not read the click bait.

So perhaps there value is nothing, it is an interesting lesson that perhaps writing about banal stuff has a value of zero after all if i can write about the stuff seven years ago and only now is it shill media friendly then perhaps i have something that idiots do not have.

How dare somebody not have the correct ultra left wing journalist group  think view – upsetting msm journalist’s must be a crime where the death penalty or perhaps assaulted with a bicycle chain* is the  solution here.    After all its just fiction,

*search for eric clanton

pi-hole revisited

I think i have mentioned (my blog) it before and i decided one sunday to rethink a few things, now owning a pi (mu blog) i decided to install it on iit

Being more complex than the average user  [the pi does other things as well] i had to make an new ethernet interface and point the inerface at that rather than what already existed, then i had a problem with load order but once a resolver is active the module does its stuff.

Then i plugged it into a dns dhcp slot and  all was well with the universe and also less gdpr (my blog) -ish.

Problem wise google is an issue with the shopping links which do not go direct to ecommerce sites.   Not a major issue but something easily fixed if it bothers you.

Its blocking 8% of requests in two days so it may make your life better.