Lesbian science fiction whoo!

Science fiction is a much maligned genre until now although whether you can call ethnic politics in hollywood the winner is a something time will tell and the format just a means to be in with the cool kids.

it [sf] is hard to do correctly but with the sjw’s/npc’s runing star wars, star trek and marvel among other things recently feeling the need to make it queer and  wth sjw film professionals and fans fantasizing about lesbian sex in boxes and between superheroes and companions is it any wonder Michael Burnham sucks in std (my blog not a sexually transmitted disease).

I don’t care if Burnham fucks ewoks** or not  but i have to give an example here but there is me  thinking science fiction should be thoughtful, and all that and here is s/f becoming something only sold to lesbians for watching.   Keep that segment in mind i have statistics below,

Its kind of fascinating that childrens tv, or superheroes are adultised as such, one could argue that the left wing are anti men/trannies and pro women only  – up the mary sues or else..

I do hope all the lesbians (a sub group of 4% of americans in statistics i found)  are seeing this science fiction.    I do not think Disney where makers of ‘adult’ films but  they know better than i do.  The other 96% of americans do not matter think disney.  I  do hope that logic pays out for disney.

There have been gay characters in s/f and minorities too in the past and they had good episodes as well but that is not important now sexual orientation is it.

** might be good ?