The dsl modem (the quest for ipv6)

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

The monkey house now has a modem and a router to connect to outside world it also can handle newer connections [no contract lock in] and apparently ipv6.

I last had a dsl modem from intel which was pretty awful,  I will not bore you with analogue modems the monkey house has owned.  Feel free to make the atdt sounds* while reading this.

After a couple of demo attempts (you dont get technical support the maker of the device likes to keep ssecrets) i connected it to the new router and it delivered email and stuff something this (my blog) could not.

Many of the features demo’ed are not in the firmware.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

Since it works with ipv4 the time has come to test it with ipv6 so it still go pear shaped.

My review of the router will still be disparaging for being mysterious and non existent technical support.

Since this is attempt 4 at hardware and not many modems exist i have to suck it and see.   It already does twp out of the three things so its a part win but it would be great for me to get a confirmation rather hope it is ipv6 proof.

*buzz buzz eeeek ding ding