Educated, Tara Westover

isbn: 9780099511021 is yet another economist book of the year and one i had thought about reading prior to that and being strong on sjw thought* values beloved by the journalists  i decided not to until now.

Its back to mormonism (my blog) and magic underwear which is why you see comrade Romney.

Westover’s family are survivalist mormon loonies who hate all government, in fact the author could well be considered an illegal immigrant in america and illegible to vote..  Mitt missed some voters from his community.

It is a strange tale and one i think sanitised by the author and i would bet ten used banana skins that this is nicer worst, as the author implores readers to not blame mormonism at the start its a fair assumption.

Mormonism reach into government is amazing and despite being anti government the government  pays out via the generous form distribution via the church.

Sheltered here is a very good word – being bright does not mean much and the word holocaust is unknown to this no school and work for your family ethos.

Her family might be described as survivalist hippies with potions instead of medicine**, milk as evil although it is ok to milk cows, As the ha f(my blog) ailed to arriver over and over again and sickness made its round they remind me of George Orwell’s school days in 1910 when no antibiotics meant a possible scratch might mean death

Devout is another word  that other mormon’s used on her, oh you add that soap is also sinful.

a goth or a borg

Eventually as no definitive age of birth is know she sort of  became a teenager age about thirty.

At times this book sounds batshit insane the computer tale at byo is one such event.

5/5 bananas.

*only review books by women etc **evil