router reorganisation in the zoo


The zoo has ‘optimised ‘ (my blog) its routers and reduced it power bill as well and got a backup router out of it.

While it might sound boring and a bit  incompetent the routers are supportive of 1gb speeds so i doubt that i will need to go shopping soon and support ipv6 and better interfaces.

I had planned on two routers retaining our  twenty year isolated networks schema and did need another to upgrade our lan and hosting to support new features but ipv6 put a number of barriers in the path.   One does the job just fine. There certainly not anywhere near cisco prices either.

So with a backup i can flash a router and be up an running in an hour assuming the worst – rather than dig  out old routers lacking in two technology standards.

While it might have been wiser to not have got a newer router the zoo has learned a lot, kept it’s internet up and so i cannot find too much fault in how it was implemented.

Not quite how i expected it to go be but having a hot swap was an unexpected bonus which saves a number of upgrades in five years.   It works.