amazon prime video

skirts and dresses for all

In this i got it deceptively (my blog) and decided to take a look .


  • non sjw s/f (my blog)- expanse (my blog)  – i am reading the books not an instant see but worth noting.
  • outlander (my blog) is something i will watch on free tv so ignored even if dangled with season 4 means a bit of a catch up – season three looks good.
  • mr robot – bit like the day job at times  – meh i would rather not critique it.
  • Lucifer (imdb tt4052886)  is interesting as broken families and mortals mix together. Season 2 is lacking in effects but devilishly fun i watched it.  Also it is notable for hollywood stealing Neil  Gaiman’s (my blog) work although i think another book of his (see below) and passing it off as free intellectual; property – so if you thought tv and film industries respect copyright think again.
  • american gods (my blog and already mentioned in lucifer) is artistic and a bit more sjw than i thought it was [its been a while since i read it[]  A lot slower than the book and much delayed by legal issues   Reminded me of true blood. I still admire Ian Mc Shane (my blog).  As i know the end it is a less desired see.
  • As a philip k dick (my blog) book reader – i suppose i could  mention the man in the high castle which won a gong sometime in the 1960’s.   Looks well done if perhaps slow compared with the book.

Aspects not liked.

  • subscription plus model for films – cheaper if you plan ahead and not go for laziness.
  • the interface on the television (adverts)
  • moving between tv and pc information is inconsistent.
  • keeps crashing firefox
  • gigabytes of data for video.

Original wise Jeremy Clarkson’s grand tour was fun  and has a high production value.   Anybody else who makes car things is so screwed the bbc apparently fired 1000 people after they lost this so sjw values dont pay…

So no it is not as good as netflix at the present time  Outlander is much nicer without adverts (i can record it on tv),  the expanse has issues being the people who made it took liberties with the books so that is also a non starter.

Films  amazon seem willing to pay more, or split the money made as an extra purchase.   Those will be covered separately.

No i will not subscribe to prime.  But as a freebie it could be considered  in the future.  The free delivery aspect is null as i have not bought anything else from amazon economics wise.