Mentionable and unmentionable films

None of these where seen in a cinema – or on that shopping website i mentioned last month.   Good luck.

mad max fury road

Was a film I nearly rented on dvd but did not when it eventually popped up, turning on closed captions made its  mumbling shit dialogue worse.  I have no idea who the stars where which either means there good or very bad, not that i am focused on celebrities to start with

The mel gibson ones where better.

1/5 mumbles


Has sjw values with the races portrayed as elves/trolls and humans and fairies more a shoot up than a commentary i liked it despite the scientologist star

3/5 bananas

Midnight special

imdb: tt2649554 has the bloke from boardwalk empire (my blog) in

Understated but well done and well worth the conclusion it is better tomorrow land (my blog) type film than disney failed to make.

5/5 bananas

‘Bridge of Spies’ by DreamWorks Studios.

Bridge of spies

imdb: tt3682448 is a Tom Hanks film and i enjoyed this cold war era film (my blog).  It also had a mismatch of subtitles which made a surreal experience (my blog) on something else.

5/5 bananas

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

imdb: tt2239822 is more recent film as one i enjoyed despite its orgin as a comic which all know and never fail to not make money for cinema owners [i did not see this in a cinema]

A bit too much like the fifth element could be a criticism  and the use of a model might be problematic but fun.   An arty comic book film.  Probably a cult film at some point.

2/5 bananas


imdb: tt2798920 was an alex garland film who i like although seem not to have written about according to wordpresses search – maybe i got the wrong search term as he has done a few films like that island film and robot film – its somewhere..

4/5 bananas

I  seem to be a good year behind on scheduling this sort of thing  but as the zoo’s fifth famous film critic  Its not a thing deemed really important in the scheme of things..