amazon prime economics

Was not worth it (my blog), i placed another order for something required that had come to its end of life so some value was derived from it..  I would remind all of you i did not want prime but could not get it removed from my first order.

Depending upon who you are it was not good value.

  • video rental £2 – based on library dvd cost
  • second order saving £ 3 (compared) from shopping site comparison)
  • streaming of album £ 13

Since i do not buy cd’s often and i did not purchase it (prime only covers amazon items not amazon marketplace)  i guess i broke even if i had to pay for prime.   But i like being able to shop elsewhere  – for instance i soon need ink and i have no idea if the quantity of ink  is good from them, where my existing supplier from two years ago is only now showing signs of emptiness a false saving.

One problem i have is being linux based is i do not know if i could buy mp3 files from amazon and  if they work i am not going to experiment based on the shit customer experience if they dont play and having to deal with a retard who tells me buy a windows pc.

Since a lot of my purchases are thoughtful (not impulsive)  i really dont care about next day delivery.

Comparing tv series was also tricky  since i can not find a competitor streaming what i saw.   Your have too take a leap of faith on that one.

So its a hard thing to pin down but i prefer to rather shop without prime (my blog).   I spend most of time not signed into amazon anyhow.