amazon music

london stab proof ear defenders

Came with prime (my blog) so i found my summer weight bluetooth things * attached them to my ears and streamed stuff.

Quality wise it worked well and on linux so the drm is not just for windoze users.

  • Mozart on cd streamed sounded awful – my recording is better and i am not an audiophile who buys special $1000 cables (my blog).
  • More (but not a lot of) Brian Eno (my blog) who is always out of stock on his website – i guess you cannot buy his records in any form.
  • I did not listen to popular songs – can’t judge that there is a lot of it
  • I kind of enjoyed Suzzane Vega’s stage thing (my blog) but would not buy it and if i did it would not be direct from amazon – making prime less economic as well.
  • There are some artists i got a better sample of there work – no new favourites
  • Lacking in areas like Philip Glass (my blog).
  • There curated lists and well known jazz seem quite well put together.

The music thing is only part of the content  but i found nothing deemed worthy of paying for on top of.    I am wary that mp3’s wont play and dont wish to deal with idiots who say it works on windoze  only and they have to exist in amazon.

I was entertained for a day during the trial but was not appealing enough to continue with (my blog) after all i did not want prime to start with

I guess if you like autotuned made for tv talent show music (my blog) and ed sheeran  it is probably a good idea but here since i dont like that stuff you know what i think about prime music

If you love Ed Sheeran  then tell me why below, as usual i offer a used banana skin for the best comment which you can collect from the zoo here at the monkey house.

*i have a wired pair that are good in the winter [warmer]