Samsung and the lost free email address

A zoo guest broke an older android samsung tablet, bought another and then demanded it be connected to the monkey houses wifi.  – we obliged

So i got the tale that her new email address had to change since her last one was borked by the defective tablet and apparently nobody could restore it to the new one despite attempts by younger members of her family to transfer it – i was not involved.

I do hope gmail does not run out of email addresses in the way samsung and end users treat it.   Quite what means for social media and marketing is also bad news

Since the device was deemed dead it appears that transferring stuff from one old tablet to another is a lost skill for the average person.  Anyhow that seems to be the disposable culture of android also translated to ‘data’

Not sure many will like that after all is she a new user of the same web thingys or a old returning one.   Leave your thoughts below.