tv poverty porn bites the debt collectors back

Civil court enforcement is pretty boring but also makes interesting poverty porn for television (my blog) featuring places like Jaywick. which come to mind as been as seen on tv and famous for camera crews so much so it even went overseas.

The tv bailiffs come across as either decent  or on the whole nasty power trip officious (youtube –  crimebodge) people dealing with the least able to cope and there circumstance not of there usual making with a third party involved – government.    This is not to say that debt collectors are not needed for there is always a second hand car dealer to justify some of them.

Since it is bard to miss this output being on repeat most weeks and series in double digits further restrictions it appears will now be put on these the result here is detrimental to the industry perhaps poverty porn and tv is not a good fit for the debt collection industry and private rented sector.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

After all if you shine a light under rock…  Another surprise here is this is law coming from a right wing party.

I imagine quite a few people are rather unhappy with the people on the telly.