A windows 10 fucked up story – including scams from Bangalore

Bananas via the jungle telegraph heard our neighbours had a fucked up windows 10 install and i got volunteered to help.

The pc a shit hp laptop* said microsoft and the password did not work  instead of the user name -i automatically guess KKaran Bahree (my blog) and eventuality the humans admitted to being scammed from your friends in India and doing something of no benefit for the people who use it.

Eventually i backup the files (fuck you microsoft for ntfs format usb drives) and got the thing factory reset.

Apparently this happens a lot i gather while bantering with them,  and unpicking a lock with virus-ware and other surprises on seemed a bit of a waste of time.

Quite how tco works (my blog) when it takes fifteen hours to reset a pc is something you can ask Microshit and its scammers   – i  think it rebooted well over fifty times while doing this too..  I left t running overnight so it probably is way more

I also kind of felt sorry for British India (my blog) who get the blame from this kind of shit)  there not an isp either but somebody has to be the most awful telecom provider.

Somehow i doubt the people will fall for that scam again.

Anyhow having now ‘installed’ it the microsoft privacy policy gives me the willies  – advertising partners, data sharing and being you pay for windows that seems evil** but then i hate Microsoft (my blog).

When i last installed linux there where only two reboots involved.

*asthmatic.  **the nsa (my blog) love this