missing data on price comparison sites and lazy consumer ‘guides’

The monkey house is moving isp (my blog) so i looked at phone line rental options since it has been a while and might be affected by the isp shift.

I found no bargains.  But no price comparison sites did  list our existing supplier* – so much for them being independent – payola ?

So i went the library and read the brief which guide and that also just covered the big ones.

I was none the wiser.

That seems very lazy that no publisher which you pay to access (not adverts) seems independent

*an newer product than isp, you can mix suppliers of phone and isp.

‘Non racist’ Azerbaijan’s sport hosting problem

Professional sport means talent from everywhere.    Look if want professional banana skin removers  for your sport leave a comment below.

When that talent is denied entry because of corruption (my blog) you may think how come sport is not racist but places soon show there true colours

Take Azerbaijan with its amazing airport, its ability to bribe fifa  and certain other issues.

Not only is the game in an very hard to get to place but some of the team and supporters will be denied entry because of there race  and where they came from – sport  corruption.

The rony here is the public are told not be ‘racist’ but countries and sports bodies can be racist.

See i told you sport was corrupt and racist.


Leave means leave it seems (my blog) and the red and blue (strong and stable) got decimated .  Despite the main stream media smears i do wonder how they will justify giving May and comrade Jeremy  (my blog) a free pass – i wonder how long it will be until the voters are the real nazi thugs for doing what they did.

Labours devolution (my blog) cost then in wales and scotland – the media must class them a nationalists.  Blue is not Teresa May blue, and theres not much red in there either.

Since i could not have voted  i am cool with the result.

threatening messages from out of touch political parties

The monkey house got a leaflet that said vote for us or else despite us doing a shit job as a legacy political party.  Literally that was it. Since when i post this the results of this election will be known it will not be good.

street urchins

Anyhow i laughed and put the a5 sheet of paper in the recycle/threatening message box.

Somehow my voting paper never appeared so i also accuse the politicians of voter suppression i am a voting ape but seems are not for this election .

So when the four people and 51% of a dog validate your vote [which you all voted to leave anyhow] you certainly do not speak for me.

oh dear – youtube goes sjw and losses 70 million in value

On well if you pander to sjws then good luck you tube.

If a mainstream audience is who they want fine but when 51% voted for brexit who is the mainstream ?  if the sjw’s in alphabet think people you write for newspapers and politicians who are hanging on for dear life are there kind of people well bye bye

I think that the era of google might be over.

I have begun to move to other video sites  like bitchute where some of the people i like (my blog) also post.

when sjw’s attack sjw’s and show media failures

During a very* slack moment here in the zoo this bbc reporting was deemed interesting.

The place in question dealt with difficult adults with learning difficulties so mentally disabled.

While the program was full of cheery picked scenes  it was most interesting as the investigation reporters were mostly all ehtnic minorities and women.

The work is low pay and not everyone is a care in the community professor which perhaps did not tell as much as it was supposd to on abuse

Over two months they barely had enough tv content for an hours schedule – it appeared to me as to be two problem people made up most of the shown incidents.

So with sjw eating sjw and while yes some of the treatment was bad it is wrong to characterize all as bad.  Context matters here as to why they where there to start with – a last resort ?

What it also means is the bbc is ill-equiped to report many industries but the low hanging fruit ones like care.

If you think the bbc and the forth estate matter then good luck to you.

Nobody is right or wrong here but many questions are assumed to bad when some questions are taboo and others deny the facts.   Would you want to deal with fat mentally immature adults  daily ? ah thought so.

*very bored