revisiting timeless and the state of other time travel shows

Timeless (my blog) is a time travel show made in america and one where i gave up on it for being a bit boring for soap opera stuff.

After giving up like the rest of the audience did as well a two part finale was made and being honest it seems season 2/ part 2 something which i aborted on did not go anywhere as to a conclusion.

Somebody died and that gave a path for the good  guys to win not that i know who the ‘bad guys’ are..

Actually i spent most of my time fast forwarding (my blog)  it your allowed to laugh at the irony in that sentence.   Somehow in part two of the finale  (a lot of fast forwarding)  the circle of events was set in motion and the possibility that a new time machine might be made in south korea probably by samsung.

Oh well i suppose they get korean points as nobody in china would make a  time travel show.

Another time show went sjw and i was surprised to find out its past shows** where more in demand from amazon* than the newest series i(n dvd thingy ) and its sjw agenda via there front page.  Ouch thats got to hurt.

I have not seen that other time show either.

One time thing i do like is outlander (my blog) and i am happy to see it when it airs on free tv here as i am two seasons behind it is one time show to be savoured unlike the first two mentions of others time travel based series.

*they did not make it **very old

by golly but...

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