Crazy bames at the bbc – or you have to be both crazy and ethnic to work there

50% of this picture is racist by bbc logic

The bbc (my blog) is very sjw and proud of it so much so even i have been alerted to the fact that the minority stars on the bbc are all telling us there batshit insane with loony bin mental conditions.  Yay

I suppose diversity does dictate that the even the crazy people must be employed by the bbc.

It kind of explains a lot as to why the bbc is rather shit at the moment.   Personally i am looking forward to one crazy bame going on serial killing like massacre at the bbc with either a knife or a transit van.   Perhaps  Shemina (my blog) will get a job with the bbc.

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Contrast this with the ‘controversy’  i read about a show on chav television (my blog) that is deemed cruel to its participants.  It seems like the bame bbc employees are getting a lot better treatment funny that.

So much for equity and diversity.

Medication time.

*bame – black asian anything non white.

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