Um ancient bbc science fiction ahoy

crap security

The bbc made blakes 7 (my blog) and recently (several months ago)  one of the villains died, soon after another character died

I found the limited series online and it was cringe worthy in fact after the first series (not too terrible) they should have packed it up which most of the cast did, from the looks of it the second most evil villain was ‘acted’ by three people* in the subsequent three  series.

Then 1980’s multicultural weirdness began and the episodes soon went downhill with exuberant actors pretending to be knights of the round table and other oddness and the show was eventually executed.

Much of the writing made no sense at all but to think it good s/f is not possible and it seems the bbc stilll cannot make s/f even today.

*maybe more?

all at once sigh


Netflix has some good stuff even if they do under achieve (my blog)

Winter was not good for the monkey house, but June comes round and all the good stuff gets dumped for instance 3% (my blog) and Aggretsko (my blog).  While perhaps acquired in taste 3% is on its third series, the other on season 2 and things i like being dumped in the summer worries me.

Its not a problem but perhaps a siign that all is not well.

I like 3% for its thought provoking nature if perhaps slow.

Yet another is Forest of Piano (my blog) which i binged.

I do not see why some of these where not winter releases.

But what do I know ?

edit typo in good


You may not have heard of Kimiko Ishizaka (my blog) but for a very long time i have wanting to hear the goldberg variations made famous some fifty years ago plus and i was unwilling to to find a glen gould recording of this very old music from J.S. Bach in some format of dubiouos quality from somewhere..

Mostly because i hate the music industry and as a long dead composer why should they still profit from this

Another problem i have as a linux user is itunes deems my os (linux) as non supported so buying music is hard as while money might change hands i have no idea if things will play that also goes for most paid sites.

Ishizaka has opened Bach’s music for the academic community as well with music notation so as long as you cite it publishers wont get money for old rope.

Music is not a top priority here for the monkey house but if you can buy music and play it without using a mac or windows pc please tell me as one site i went to changed to a streaming model and i do not want ‘lifetime’ streaming but files.

I think my patience paid off and open music got a long term win provided that facebook and the copyright lobby start banning Bach for copyright abuse..

Elephant in the room your not being told about

If the main stream media do not care, they must be pro censorship, after all google is bad in news media. So next time some journalist complains about publishing real news * (my blog) ask them is googles censorship here fake news ?

If its ok to suppress them why stop there.  It demolishes there argument for a free press.

*very unwilling to even print that

thou shalt not change ip address – your friends at google and silicon valley.


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956

The monkey house changed isp and google had a hissy fit that we did. My reasons have something to do with ipv6 and i am running out of options.

The move is best a topic for another day but a cache issue meant i wiped my browser data it did not work and then later did despite me not doing anything.

I was kind stuck by it – but google took much offence at this clearing of cookies and changing isp.   Everybody seems upset that the monkey house moved but if you want the next great thing you got to move.

I guess those two things made us an new prospect and any data held by google is now deemed bad and not trustworthy to sell others.

Anyhow there are probably odd issues and that thing to  configure since that changed but the assumption appears to be the ip address is something they base a lot of decisions off.

While my cache was not the end of the world to loose googles reaction to that was perhaps more revealing.

bad blood secrets and lies in a silicon valley startup, John Carreyrou

isbn: 9781509860087 deals with Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes who faked an entire medical technology a little like enron (my blog) which sold things into debt that did not exist.  Unlike having things to sell to start with Theranos had pretend fairy dust and thugs in it  being Matt Bissel and the legal profession keeping the illusion of success.

Comrade Holmes is the main villain here  being that she was there for that fake test and then did not trust most of her employees or board with large staff turnover and compromising dossiers on ex employees courtesy  of  Bissel

Holmes is from a family of billionaires and know the right people but is a an idiot trying to make lab equipment look like an iphone.  Even Gattaca (my blog) could not do that.

my dna is better than yours

Holmes is also trying to look like dead Steve Jobs  in the picture so looking the part means more than talent in either it or medical testing fields.

Billionaire friends dont help either, and when phd’s cannot figure out how to test inside something that does not work and looks like an apple product your screwed.

The author labours these points and its a boring read.  Plodding along.   He has no aptitude for science which means the msm is useless for ‘outing’ scammers* like Holmes.

There’s death, legal thuggery  from Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, and an appearance from Rupert Murdoch (my blog) in order to suppress this $1 billion south sea bubble.

The witch eventually sank in the pond and Holmes reminds of the dodgy patent crooks (my blog) in east texas who would rule that anybody who has stapled a piece of paper together means the patent holder for the process (not the machine)  owes them a billion dollars per staple.

The creditors have number of words that are expiring in value as assets.  While thinking big is great it feels as if Holmes knew all the wrong people including Larry Ellison of oracle fame  (my blog) and that is where it went downhill fast.

Holmes mistake was probably defrauding other billionaires of money rather  than freedom of the press.

3/5 bananas some how i think the author here would have been more than happy to bury this rather than make news.

Medical testing is once again boring and however might be a warning about how silicon valley operates.

*while a man might be called a crook,Holmes in the media was misguided certainly not a crook.

apple content on non apple hardware now that itunes is ‘dead’

great bananas,

I bet you all used banana skin that it will still not work on linux ,windows or non apple smart tv.   Itunes works only on there platform last time i checked – when was the last time you saw a quick time film trailer that needed its own software to play ?.   Leave your answer in the comments

With apple now doing media opposed to telephones (my blog)  it will be interesting to see if non apple hardware like a samsung tv will be able to play the content.   Being that i dont control the software on a smart tv i do wonder how popular the stuff might be after all to get something on a tv it usually has a non apple app  store and somebody usually wants a cut..

Since the monkey house has no apple* products it will be interesting to see if  they force the walled garden on consumers if so they cannot expect the monkey house to consume there products.

If you could only buy netflix with a dedicated netflix television (my blog) i am sure i would not be  subscribing to netflix and you would have walls of screens just like in Fahrenheit 451  or you could read the book.

Perhaps as electronics do not matter as much to apple  they will have to fail first before they make money with media.   I do not do a lot of ecommerce but if i had to own an amazon device** to shop there i would also go elsewhere too.

This is not a compliant but should be taken as a warning that your entertainment conglomerate and silicon valley darling might not see the results you think they get.

*perhaps organic ones you eat ** you get the idea


Journalists [gatekeepers] and ‘chav’ books

the northern beach

So it is june as i read (my blog) and the first of this books to read on a beach lists come out. I usually are dismissive of these kind of things but with six months of books reviews such as

chicken taming in the 1750’s by sir mad percy cockadoodle doo given three pages of adoration by his cousin sir tarqiuin cockadoodle doo.

in the Rowandian bush telegraph you have to understand my lack of desire to read about sir mad percy cockadoodle doo historic activities from his relative ‘working’ on the newspaper.

I also quit reading the guardian book reviews so visiting the library has been a rare occurrence even i noticed the trend that even left leaning books where not being bought.

all of these went public school, ones a royal too

To my surprise the chav books included an booker prize winner and other non sir mad percy cockadoodle doo books.

I know journalists are snobby but this use of gatekeeping sure puts those who rule over citizenry is all on show.

I have mentioned this before with Attwood (my blog) but it s the first time its not just ‘genre’ books.

If you think newspapers are broken then you and i think alike.

Its odd to think booker prize winners are now deemed chav and thus only suitable for the beach holiday.  At least sir mad percy cockadoodle doo does not have that problem which for the two people who read it proves there not chavs.

shields up, ipv6 probers off the port side

I turned on ipv6 logging months ago and the ipv6 probes  failed to happen other than local traffic my isp filters everything except ipv6 icmp.

As it was time for a new isp and they have already began. That is without entries in dns zone files.

 From 2001:0500:0013:0000:0000:0000:0000:0046 -
      332 packets
       To 2001:x - 332 packets
          Service: 32916 (tcp/32916) - 6 packets
          Service: 33610 (tcp/33610) - 6 packets
          Service: 34050 (tcp/34050) - 6 packets
          Service: 34130 (tcp/34130) - 7 packets
          Service: 34172 (tcp/34172) - 7 packets
          Service: 34262 (tcp/34262) - 6 packets

I am happy to report that the zoo has partial ipv6 access although nothing is yet configured.