Steam gets interesting but loses the plot.

Steam (my blog) is a game engine i use for he odd decent game, as a linux user i do not play gambling games as detailed here (my blog) Apparently it now has a compatibility with windows games and as linux does not intentionally spy on you like windows  and is also ‘free’ i do wonder how this will affect microsoft who rely on fud to be software makers.

The monkey house migrated off windows too many years ago so please dont ask me to remember  apart from not being able to update satnavs [closed source]  we really do not need it.

The only problem is that my hardware does not support dx12 so none of the games will now work on linux that once worked on steam..

I will not be buying or using my steam account any time soon.   Not the end of the world.

Somebody decided i should not play my titles on linux because my graphics is not the latest and greatest so i am glad to say its not the end of the  world and i will not be buying a new pc just for steam either.

The titles i liked are more thoughtful games since i have no further desire to tell you of these kind of things that is there loss not mine.

MR POO we presume

The financial loss is something like £20 for this removal and while it might be seem a waste of money it taught me a lession that game platforms and paid games on linix are a very bad idea..

When the thing i bash this out on dies i may once more login to steam  assuming it has that graphic support i think that will be at least three years time assuming i care about it then.   I am not the loser here the games industry is.

I did nothing, they removed opengl. See you in four or more years