modern slavery and contestants on love island

Imagine my surprise when i discovered camdem libraries has a modern slavery statement. This is a now ubiquitous document everybody seems to have  one no wonder the library has no bloody books in it i guess it is another hoop  for a publisher to jump through.

After all its a procedure.

Slavery is part of this topic so relevant and a good place to start

Gypsies are users/benefiters of slavery (bbc) and when i read a famous gypsy was apparently appearing on love island (a bit like this [my blog]) i do wonder if the sjw’s have got on the production team.   Not that watching low iq humans try to mate is something i watch that’s a job for David Attenbrough (my blog).

I wonder if itv has a modern slavery statement as well but i am not sure how living in caravan after the show is deemed glamorous.  That might be deemed enforced slavery (my blgo) or white slavery (my blog).

I guess being forced to live in a building without wheels  might be deemed mental cruelty by some as well.  Somebody will get outraged i think and no i do not care.

Anyhow i guess next year a pakistani transgendered disabled deaf and blind contestant will get to be bikini ready* and certain demographic of british tv viewers will see if they get any sex,, car bombed,  or uav’ed***.

Well it does sounds interesting for next year. I do not think i will tune in this year although i am sure somebody** will inform us apes of what went down.

Something to muse on.

*not that your see it. **David please don’t *** blown up