A Mills and Boon book, Pregnant by the commanding greek, Natalie Anderson so lets make some fun.

Well the library are not buying books so i decided to read lady wank books. Although there not called that and with words like  Commanding and greek (my blog) sounded a good place to start being a modern romance not that the read much but not any more type romance.

isbn:  9780263270617 starts with highly capable girl friday who saves a dog from being put down and meets some billionaire greek who she works for but has never met.   At 180 pages your going to have to be fast so i guess author is a dog lover.

Seduction is complete by page 50, and the sex is at multiple orgasms stage  by page 59, sex words or anatomy words cannot be found but greek works are used if you know what

ghykia mow

means please comment, that seems to be as much greek as the author can handle.

It is very clean – clothes are not sexy, the only hint of attraction is flushes. to be honest i have read better sex stories on the internet.

By page 80 our heroine is fainting (so much for modern romance [mu blog] ) is she wearing  bonnets and corsets ? it is decided that the fairy’s came on a ‘magic night’ and made her pregnant.

Time is a concept the writer seems to ignore.   Out of date social constructs are also a problem for the author marriage is thought respectable and no mention is ever made of abortion not that sleeping with your boss is ever a good idea.

Natalie Anderson is no pink haired  sjw.  Perhaps i read the wrong series ?

mr darcy required

If you where to imagine the writer it seems she turns a beetroot like colour very often and becomes a damsel in distress while working at a dog rescue charity.

They lived happily ever after.

0/5 bananas.

If that is what passes for literature then it feels out of touch and dated, when i can spot clues** in society for instance like wedding shows where bride and groom already have children or quiz show winners using the funds to get married means her middle class morality seems quite dated.

They are cheap (i guess the library gets a bulk discount too) and cheaper than most paperbacks.

**if i grasp it then surely i am not alone