fake razors and long gone e-commerce sites

I bought an non protor and gamble replacement razor (my blog) from an unknown website and when the thing arrived i sensed a fake.  Since it was cheap and the original part seems not to be sold on real websites where it always out of stock i let it slide.  It may be better and ancient razors are  bit shit.

May i remind you with amazon dumping all stock items in to one single bin (my blog) regardless of who supplies it this could happen there too.

After a while the thing began to fall apart but was still usable.  Then the website disappeared.

I would not buy a p&g razor* ever (my blog) but i am kind of perplexed as to how to buy a real part  in reality.   Granted it is an older model and one i doubt a bricks and motar retailer would even sell.

Not sure what i did wrong and if i could have done it better for the money – i doubt it at least i do not fund super injunctions.

*who is to say there are not fake Gillette razors?