shields up, ipv6 probers off the port side

I turned on ipv6 logging months ago and the ipv6 probesĀ  failed to happen other than local traffic my isp filters everything except ipv6 icmp.

As it was time for a new isp and they have already began. That is without entries in dns zone files.

 From 2001:0500:0013:0000:0000:0000:0000:0046 -
      332 packets
       To 2001:x - 332 packets
          Service: 32916 (tcp/32916) - 6 packets
          Service: 33610 (tcp/33610) - 6 packets
          Service: 34050 (tcp/34050) - 6 packets
          Service: 34130 (tcp/34130) - 7 packets
          Service: 34172 (tcp/34172) - 7 packets
          Service: 34262 (tcp/34262) - 6 packets

I am happy to report that the zoo has partial ipv6 access although nothing is yet configured.