Journalists [gatekeepers] and ‘chav’ books

the northern beach

So it is june as i read (my blog) and the first of this books to read on a beach lists come out. I usually are dismissive of these kind of things but with six months of books reviews such as

chicken taming in the 1750’s by sir mad percy cockadoodle doo given three pages of adoration by his cousin sir tarqiuin cockadoodle doo.

in the Rowandian bush telegraph you have to understand my lack of desire to read about sir mad percy cockadoodle doo historic activities from his relative ‘working’ on the newspaper.

I also quit reading the guardian book reviews so visiting the library has been a rare occurrence even i noticed the trend that even left leaning books where not being bought.

all of these went public school, ones a royal too

To my surprise the chav books included an booker prize winner and other non sir mad percy cockadoodle doo books.

I know journalists are snobby but this use of gatekeeping sure puts those who rule over citizenry is all on show.

I have mentioned this before with Attwood (my blog) but it s the first time its not just ‘genre’ books.

If you think newspapers are broken then you and i think alike.

Its odd to think booker prize winners are now deemed chav and thus only suitable for the beach holiday.  At least sir mad percy cockadoodle doo does not have that problem which for the two people who read it proves there not chavs.