thou shalt not change ip address – your friends at google and silicon valley.


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956

The monkey house changed isp and google had a hissy fit that we did. My reasons have something to do with ipv6 and i am running out of options.

The move is best a topic for another day but a cache issue meant i wiped my browser data it did not work and then later did despite me not doing anything.

I was kind stuck by it – but google took much offence at this clearing of cookies and changing isp.   Everybody seems upset that the monkey house moved but if you want the next great thing you got to move.

I guess those two things made us an new prospect and any data held by google is now deemed bad and not trustworthy to sell others.

Anyhow there are probably odd issues and that thing to  configure since that changed but the assumption appears to be the ip address is something they base a lot of decisions off.

While my cache was not the end of the world to loose googles reaction to that was perhaps more revealing.